Navratna Cool Active Deo Talc -100 g

85.00 83.00

Pack Of – 1

Quantity – 100 g 

Container Type – Bottle

Skin Type – All skin type

Fragrance  Regular

Ideal For –   Men & Women

Applied For – Sweat Control & Freshness

Product Information –

Heat, sweat and body odor are the most common but yet unsolved problems that bring discomfort and frustrate our lives almost across the year in a predominantly hot and humid country. This is where Navratna Cool Talc Active Deo steps in as a solution, it can surly help to keep away the heat.

Navratna Cool Talc comes as a refreshing break.

The blend essential herbs renders the desired cooling effect, while the cool aroma rejuvenates the senses and keeps one vibrant and fresh throughout the day.

Navratna cool talc deo truly stands for the icy sensation in the scorching summers protecting the skin from unbearable heat in the summer.

It also gives a cool sensory feeling & keeps you refreshed and rejuvenated all day.

Quantity 100 grams.

Keep Navratna Cool Talc Active Deo in your kit to stay fresh and active for whole day.

Direction Of Use –

Apply all over the body after shower for fresh feel.


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