Maggi Masala Instant Noodles Vegetarian (560 g)

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Crafted for coffee-lovers who take delight in a hot cup of their favourite beverage, the Nescafe Classic instant coffee can elevate your coffee experiences to a new level. This 100% pure coffee is made from carefully selected and roasted beans, which ensure that it entices your senses with its rich aroma and well-rounded flavour.

Recharge with a Cup

Start your mornings with a revitalising cup of this instant coffee to welcome each new opportunity the day presents. Nescafe?s familiar aroma and rich taste combine to give you a boost of energy before you step out into the world.

Foamy Delight

Now, you can make foamy and flavoursome coffee in your kitchen, thanks to this instant coffee. With Nescafe Classic instant coffee in your pantry, preparing different types of coffee beverages will be a breeze.

Keep It Fresh

For long-lasting freshness, you can transfer this instant coffee into an airtight container.



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