Chhaya Bazaar is the only general store that provides home delivery on the same day. Therefore as soon as the lockdown began, our demand increased automatically. We are proud to state that we accomplished a personal record of delivering 700 orders on the same day!

As the situation of COVID-19 developed, it became more clear of how important our home delivery is for people. We understood the importance of social distancing and staying at home. Knowing our role in this, we expanded our communication channels for the convenience of the people. You can now use our online website easily to place your orders. And you will receive your order within 24 hours, with some amazing offers!

Chhaya Bazaar delivers your essentials in all these areas:

Korba, Balco, Darri, Churi, Dhelvadhi, Banki, Kusmunda, Deepka, and Gevra