How to place an order from Chhaya Bazaar

Chhayya Bazaar is a supermarket based off of Korba, Chhattisgarh. It is one of the best super markets in the state and has a wealthy variety of products. The products at Chhayya Bazaar are for all ages, all people. And the most exciting part about their store is that they also have a website for online orders! It is so convenient and simple. Here is how place an Order from Chhayya Bazaar –

Step 1 – When you open the Home Page of the website, you are presented with all the available categories of products at the store. The categories are accompanied by pictures to help you. Select the category you are looking for. If you are looking for groceries, tap on the option of groceries. The same goes for the rest of the category options.

Step 2 – When you select a particular category, you will be presented with the available products in the given category. Click on the item you wish to buy.

Step 3 – Once you’ve browsed through the item you wish to buy, scroll down on the item and select the quantity of the item you want.

Step 4 – After selecting the quantity of your desire, you click on Add To Cart.

Step 5 – A pop up will appear on your screen that says, “Product was successfully added to the art” followed by two options. If you are done with your shopping, you can select on view cart. If not, click on continue shopping and have fun!

Step 6 – If you click on view-cart, you will have a list of items you have selected along with the quantity you selected. Then, if you have a coupon, enter the coupon code for exciting discounts.

Steps 7 – The final step is to check the cat total, i.e. the sub-total amount of the products you have selected. Once you are satisfied with the items you have selected and their quantities, you can click on proceed to check out.

After all these easy steps, you can move onto entering your billing details and select your payment method. The payment will be carried through safely and will receive the final receipt on your mail ID along with your order and tracking ID. Simple and easy to follow! Have fun shopping.

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